Mnova | Analytical Chemistry Software Solutions

Mnova is a multipage, multivendor, multitechnique and multiplatform analytical chemistry software suite designed as a container for our plugins.

The Mnova installer works as a container for all our specific plugins. This shared interface and its automation abilities allow our users to optimize their learning curve and workflows by combining different technique data on the same application.


Basic plugins


NMR processing, analysis, simulation and reporting at your fingertips.

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Processing & analyzing LC/GC/MS data made simple.

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Advanced plugins


Prediction of NMR spectra from molecular structure; allows auto-assignments if combined with Mnova NMR.

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Automatic Structure Verification that really works.

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Arrive at optimal concentration or purity values.

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A new concept for the shared storage of molecules, NMR and LC/GC/MS analytical data and other Mnova objects.

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Simple, facilitated extraction of spectroscopic and chemical kinetic concentration data.

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A state-of-the-art automatic analysis tool for ligand screening NMR data.

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SMA is an open architecture to analyze simple mixtures by NMR.

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qNMR: the best pulse length for acquisition

Published on:
22 June, 2016

qNMR relies on high quality spectra with excellent signal. Here we describe the effect of pulse width on experiment length, considering relaxation.

qNOE acquisition WEBINAR

Webinar date:
July 6, 3pm (CEST)

Dr. Craig Butts will give a webinar about qNOE acquisition in small molecules applications. Register now!

EUROMAR NMR conference

Published on:
26 May, 2016

Come along and join us at Euromar 2016 to discuss Mestrelab’s latest developments. Sign up for our FREE guided walking tour around the city! Limited places!

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Biotransformations 2016 conference

Event dates:
Jun 30th 2016 / Jul 02nd 2016

Mestrelab will attend and give a talk at Biotransformations 2016!

8th GERMN (RSQE) – 5th Iberian NMR Biennial Meeting

Event dates:
Jun 27th 2016 / Jun 29th 2016

Silvia Mari, Product Manager at Mestrelab, will give a talk at this NMR Meeting, introducing the new Prediction Functionalities included in the next release of Mnova 11.