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19 Aug
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26 Aug
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Analytical Chemistry Software Solutions


The Mnova installer works as a container for all our specific plugins.

This shared interface and its automation abilities allow you to optimize the learning curve and workflows by combining analytical data from different techniques in the same application.


Suite Basic

Suits users who want to process and visualise their data in a single software tool, whether this is NMR, MS and NMRPredict Desktop .

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Suite Chemist

Designed for synthetic chemists with tools to confirm your structure and get purity or concentration for your compounds of interest automatically.

Suite Expert

Includes all the functionality developed by Mestrelab within the Mnova environment, as well as access to future Mnova plugins which we release even after you get your license.

More powerful for analytical chemistry software


Mbook is the new ELN web application which can benefit from the power of Mnova software. The easiest way to digitally record and report your chemistry.

Mnova Tablet NMR has been designed to increase your NMR data analysis productivity and flexibility anywhere. It is the perfect companion for your Mnova desktop version.

Mspin is a tool for the computation of NMR related molecular properties starting from 3D molecular structure. Mspin can compute Scalar Coupling Constants, NOE’s enhancements and Residual Dipolar Coupling.



NMR processing, analysis, simulation and reporting at your fingertips.

Processing & analyzing LC/GC/MS data made simple.

Prediction of NMR spectra from molecular structure; allows auto-assignments if combined with Mnova NMR.

Automatic Structure Verification that really works.

Arrive at optimal concentration or purity values.

A new concept for the shared storage of molecules, NMR and LC/GC/MS analytical data and other Mnova objects.

Facilitated extraction of sprectroscopic and chemical kinetic concentration data.

A state-of-the-art automatic analysis tool for ligand screening NMR data.

An open architecture to analyze simple mixtures by NMR.

Explanatory, scientifically sound, statistically validated, quantitative structure-property prediction at your fingertips.

One-click to generate the IUPAC name for any molecular structure included in your Mnova document.

Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation system: from NMR data to structure through a simple workflow.

Processes 2D HSQC type of protein-ligand titration spectra, tracks peak movement and computes Kd‘s for multiple peaks.

Academic, Government & Industrial


Close to 2.000 institutions, companies and government agencies have placed their trust in Mestrelab and its products and become our customers.

10 out of 10 top universities in the world
Over 1.000 academic institutions

More than 500 industrial companies and government agencies

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13 April 2018

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