MESTRELAB RESEARCH is a relatively young company. We have grown from an academic research project to provide quality scientific software to thousands of customers.


Our mission is to deliver top quality software tools for the scientific research community and to continuously strive to push the state-of-the-art in Graphical User Interfaces, software integration and software science. We shall keep R&D as the primary focus and heart of our company.


We believe that scientific software development should be challenging and enjoyable, and this is the base of our vision, which is explained here:

  • We shall continue to invest on the improvement of our Graphical User Interfaces, our software architecture and the scientific research necessary to continuously push the boundaries of current state-of-the-art. We shall not compromise on product quality and we shall be leaders in quality. We shall never settle for second best or choose easy before excellent.
  • We shall continue to listen and react to our customers needs, delivering improvements quickly and developing for our customers, not ourselves. We will keep the needs of chemists and biochemists at the core of our product development.
  • We want to contribute to the popularity and appeal of the scientific techniques with which we are involved by making our software accessible to students and educational institutions, even in the poorest countries.
  • We believe in developing our scientific software ethically and shall continue to create high quality employment for high quality people in our local area. We will develop our employees, foster a pleasant, creative and challenging working environment and reward our people commensurately to our high quality expectation.
  • We shall give excellent customer support and continuously strive to improve our relationship with our customers and our customers experience. We want to make sure that being our customer is rewarding and enjoyable.
  • We will always be approachable and available to our customers, our project would not exist without them.


MestReC started life in 1996 in Santiago de Compostela as a research project within the Organic Chemistry Department of the Chemistry Faculty of the Santiago de Compostela University, carried out by Dr. Juan Carlos Cobas and directed by Dr. Javier Sardina, and was further developed in CACTUS, the Centre for Technological Support of the same University by the same team.

Over a period of eight years, the application, in its different phases of development, was made available as freeware to all potential users both in academia and the industrial world, for data processing and simulation in the field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. In mid 2004, MestReC fulfilled all the objectives of the initial research project and this came to its closure. Due to the great popularity attained by the application, with over 19,340 satisfied users around the World at that point, the decision was taken by the MestReC team to create a commercial spin-off from the University with the main objective of ensuring the long term sustainability of the application as well as an excellent level of technical support to its users, but also with the intention of increasing the research and development effort on MestReC and also on related fields in future.

Thus, on 1st December 2004, Juan Carlos Cobas, Javier Sardina and Santiago Dominguez founded Mestrelab Research SL, with Carlos as President and Santi as CEO. The popularity of MestReC has continued to grow in the intervening period, with the number of users recorded exceeding 50,000 by March 2007. The company has grown steadily, with the number of employees increasing from one initially to 18 currently, and with its emphasis still strongly focused on R&D.

At the end of April 2007, MESTRELAB RESEARCH SL effected a further major step forward with the release of Mnova, its Chemistry Software Suite initially focused on NMR processing and analysis multiplatform software, the result of a 2 year R&D project.

Now that the transition to a fully commercial operation has been completed, the philosophy of the Mestrelab Research team remains:

  • to keep the application eminently affordable to its many users, both in academic and educational institutions and in industrial and commercial companies
  • to offer an excellent level of technical support at all times
  • to continue to develop MestReNova in order to make sure that it assimilates all new tendencies in the world of NMR and becomes the standard program both for spectroscopists and organic chemists
  • to develope new software aimed at the chemist community
  • to become a commercial outlet to other like-minded projects which come to a similar crossroads within the University of Santiago de Compostela