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As a ChemDraw Ultra user you will only need to follow the 4 steps below to get your Mnova NMR Lite 5.2.5 license file

  1. Tic IconDownload and Install Mnova Lite 5.2.5 in case you haven't already
  2. Current Step iconFill in the form with your trial details
  3. The CambridgeSoft team will confirm your license details are OK (this can take up to 48 hours)
  4. You will get an email with a link to download your license and start your individual trial

1- Fill in the form with your trial details

Please read these two points carefully before you complete the form

NO-SPAM policy

NO-SPAM policyPlease use a valid email address while completing this form.

We need it to confirm that your data is correct and we will only send emails you wish to receive, (you can opt-out of emails at any time).

Host-ID and ChemDraw

The licenses are tied to your HOST-IDs (a machine unique identifier) and ChemDraw serial number; so please don't fill in this form several times with different emails because it simply won't work.

Mestrelab Licenses for ChemDraw Ultra users

User Data

We need to confirm your email in order to deliver your license properly

Organization Data

License Data

Whether you are using Linux, Mac or Windows you need to provide your Windows Serial (which was attached on your confirmation email)

Customers using ChemDraw Ultra 11 or older are entitled to use MestReC Lite not Mnova NMR Lite 5.2.5

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