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1- Installation and activation guide

1. If you are going to install the program on a Windows XP system, be sure you have administrator privileges, because the installation procedure is going to install several files in your system folders. If you don’t have such privileges, you won’t be able to install or uninstall the program correctly.

2. On each computer, install Mnova Lite 5.2.5 which comes with ChemOffice 12. If you haven’t installed Mnova Lite 5.2.5 follow this link to download it.

3. Run the application. The following dialog, will appear:

4. Close the above window, go to the Help/License Manager menu and copy your computer HOST ID.

5. Go to the link below and fill the form:

Get License Form

6. Click on the Submit License Details button. Then you will receive the license file by email after a few hours (or days). Please save it to your hard disk.

7. Run Mnova Lite again and follow the menu Help/Evaluate-Buy. Click on yes to display the picture below:

8. Click on the ‘Activate’ button to open the Specify License File dialog (see the picture below). Navigate on your Windows browser until you find the license file. Now you should be able to run the application without receiving any error message dialog.

In case you have any doubt please contact us.