Manuel Perez

Dr. Manuel Perez

SVP - Scientific and Strategy Director / VP R&D

Dr. Manuel Pérez Pacheco is SVP - Scientific and Strategy Director / VP R&D in Mestrelab. He holds a Chemistry Degree by the University of Salamanca, where he also carried out his Graduate Project, at the Department of Organic chemistry, in Cyclopropane Synthesis, between 1999-2000.He achieved his PhD with Prof. R.J.Abraham (Proton NMR prediction of Amides and Peptides) at University of Liverpool, between 2000-2004. He held a position as Senior NMR spectroscopist at Pfizer between 2004-2011, supporting the entire of the Discovery synthetic and medicinal chemistry based at Sandwich (Kent), which consisted of more than 180 chemists, as well as providing advanced solutions to design teams of different Medicinal Chemistry areas and other partners lines such as computational chemistry and the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics teams.During his career he has a tracked record as a multidisciplinary scientists, having worked in diverse areas such as synthetic chemistry, physical organic chemistry, open-access support, computational chemistry, PK/PD and medicinal chemistry. He has published in all of these fields and is inventor in three patents in the pain therapeutic area. Receiver of multiple performance awards in Pfizer and runner up for the Medicinal chemists award of the year in Pfizer in 2009 for his studies in the characterisation and engineering of intra-molecular hydrogen bonds. Some of his interests are: FBDD by NMR, study of non-covalent interactions in organic compounds, computational chemistry, automatic analysis approaches, chemoinformatics, software enabled automation, organic compound structure elucidation, natural products, project management, NMR prediction approaches, metabolomics and mass spectroscopy.