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  • Authors: Carlos Cobas and Felipe Seoane (Mestrelab Research), and Stan Sykora (Extra Byte),
  • Reference: SMASH, September 23, 2015, Baveno, Italy, as part of the Quantitative 2D NMR Workshop.
  • DOI:


Global Spectral Deconvolution (GSD) has become a very powerful tool for automatic analysis of 1D NMR spectra with applications ranging from structure verification, automatic assignments, qNMR, all the way to metabonomics studies. In this talk, delivered at the 2D qNMR Workshop session of the SMASH 2015 conference (Baveno, Italy, September 20-23), an extension of this algorithm to the second dimension was discussed. The fundamental theoretical foundation, as well as illustrations of preliminary results were presented.

Carlos Cobas presented the following talk about GSD-2D at SMASH 2015 conference in Baveno, Italy.