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Mnova NMR

New Features

Ability to choose if assignments are recalculated after applying absolute reference

You can choose to Update the Assignments when applying Absolute Reference by checking the applicable option:


Purity calculation in Peaks Table

Purity can be displayed in Peaks table by selecting the checkbox “Show Purity Label” in Setup Table (disabled by default):


Bugs Fixed

  • Multiplet reports of 13C spectra showed an extra
  • Spectra from Siemens not opened correctly via import script
  • 15N HMBC NUS spectrum not detected as NUS
  • Peak curves got hidden after reloading the document
  • Compound peak classified as impurity in a 1H spectrum from the validation set
  • Problems with the peak picking of HSQC spectra
  • Assignment labels got hidden after changing the structure of an assigned molecule
  • Assigned multiplet labels were not properly updated
  • Swap assignments did not work in 1H dimension of HSQC spectra
  • Cannot display assignments of two structures simultaneously after a few clicks
  • Processing templates from Recent Processing Scripts did not get executed
  • Manual Threshold Peak Picking worked only sometimes
  • Threshold not applied when making a manual multiplet analysis
  • Wrong highlighting after assigning
  • Processing template ignored.
  • Problems unchecking all spectra in Absolute Reference dialog
  • 89Y showed disabled when applying Absolute Reference
  • Importing assignments correctly from ACDLabs’ SDFile
  • Problems clicking with the zoom tool on top of a multiplet report
  • Zoom shortcut did not get activated while in Crosshair mode
  • Wrong assignment dialog when assigning a NH2
  • Two txt files with same format get loaded differently
  • Assignments Table: Wrong data in Predicted Shift column
  • Intensity values shown in cursor info are not correct
  • Different results in peak classification by running Peak Picking with Interactive mode ON or OFF
  • Difficult to enter a new numerical value in Arrayed Data table
  • Problems showing assignments of a molecule in 13C spectra
  • Binning of the same spectra gave very different results when including/excluding ref peaks

Mnova Verify

Bugs Fixed

  • Assignments were not obtained the first time Verification was done

Mnova MS

Bugs Fixed

  • MS parameters from Agilent and Waters could not be loaded in Parameters table

Mnova GUI

Bugs Fixed

  • Text annotations showed smaller (Mac version)
  • Licenses with special characters could not be activated (Mac version)
  • Preferences dialog too big (Mac version)
  • Banner didn’t go away when starting Mnova (Mac version)
  • Crosshair line showed too thin (Mac version)
  • Some shortcuts did not work (Mac version)
  • Problems trying to rescale several annotations at once
  • Show Cursor Info panel docked by default
  • ACDLabs JCAMP files with assignments not imported
  • Atom number got hidden after being modified from Edit Atom dialog

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