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Mnova NMR

New Features

  • Improvements in the selected line in the Line Fitting table.
  • Ability to delete a blind region without right clicking.
  • Multiplets ranges will not overlap when using automatic Sum or Edited Sum methods.
  • Ability to add more than 10 handlers to the selected regions in Data Analysis.
  • Improvements in the response factor options for concentration graph in Data Analysis.
  • Data Analysis X-axis model to easily interconvert sec/min/h.


  • Capability to display the Integral calculation method in the ‘Integrals Table and Label’.


New Features- Scripting Engine

  • The active document remains when closing an inactive document.
  • Allow to select the Mnova version in the Settings Object.
  • Extend the funcionality of QTableWidgets to get the currentRow and the currentItem.
  • Improvements in the ‘Import Directory Stack’ script.
  • Scale Image in a Label Respecting the Ratio.
  • More functions to operate with pages.


Bugs Fixed

  • Comment not read when the process number was not 1 (from Bruker).
  • Data Browser did not recognize JEOL .jdf files.
  • Incorrect number of points, group delay export.
  • 1D spectra from ACD could not be imported via script (Mac).
  • Lock icon was missing in Line Fitting table when locking any value (Mac).
  • Horizontal trace misaligned with the 2D spectrum after making some cuts (Mac).
  • Choice of 15N Ξ Value was not persisted.
  • Problems changing the position of the vertical scale in a 2D spectra.
  • Problems selecting advanced option in Apodization dialog (Mac).
  • Problems in Gaussian GF apodization for 1D and 2D spectra.
  • HSQC NUS spectra from Bruker with specific TD(1) values could not be processed.
  • Last Peak Picking and Integration options got always applied.
  • Problems removing a TD region.
  • After applying GSD peak picking the processing template showed Standard options.
  • Series of spectra in a single DAT file from old Nicolet format got opened as one spectrum.
  • Problems opening a Fid with DTYPA parameter.
  • Error of unknown format when loading spectra in old Ge Nicolet format.
  • Incorrect default processing applied when loading .td files from Nanalysis.
  • Problems loading old Mnova documents.
  • Time Domain: Quantitation: no more highlights the integration region.
  • Problems applying a forward LP with Toeplitz method.
  • Problems with Standard peak picking of both positive and negative.
  • Mouse cursor and cross-hair positions did not match in stacked with a non-zero stack angle.
  • Problems closing Apodization window from a document previously closed.
  • Only one Apodization window should be opened after calling “W” several times.
  • Button showed cut off in Spin Simulation panel (Mac).
  • Multiplet Report Parser failed when NMR Plugin was not active.
  • Reference Deconvolution applied only to the active spectrum in a stack.
  • 19F spectrum from Bruker appears distorted when loaded in Mnova.
  • Problems with the New Spectrum feature of the Line Fitting.
  • Incorrect Forward LP default value.
  • Unexpected multiplet integral values after being generated from integrals and modified the ranges.
  • Report of the ‘unknown compounds’ did not work.
  • Assignment report script failed to report H and C assignments.
  • Reference shortcuts (L and R) did not work if the toolbar icon was not visible (Mac).
  • 13C assignments could not be displayed in a molecule with changed atom numbering.
  • Some 2D peak labels are showed crossed.
  • Automatic Integration (Peaks method) detected integrals including only Impurity peaks.

Mnova Verify

Bugs Fixed

  • Multiplet analysis applied again after having already selected.

Mnova NMRPredict

Bugs Fixed

  • Labels of rows in Js table of Spin Simulation showed cut off.
  • Problems updating the Server Prediction Database.
  • Prediction failed with phosphonium salts (Mac).
  • Prediction labels of multiple atoms could not be moved graphically.

Mnova DB

Bugs Fixed

  • Chemical shifts of Assignments were not visible after being stored in a DB.
  • Part of the icons missing from the peak search modes.

Mnova MS

Bugs Fixed

  • Peak labels displayed out of the box.

Mnova GUI

Bugs Fixed

  • Cursor in a text not moving or displaying correctly when trying to edit the text (Mac).
  • Wrong document name when printing to PDF.
  • Problems displaying all the pages of a document in the page navigator.
  • Space Needed – Remainder License Message.
  • Same page uuid problem when loading same .mnpag file several times.
  • No molecule gets opened when loading a ChemDraw file (.cdx).
  • Verification quality of documents with verification results showed always in green.
  • Molecules Table: Last molecule property can not be deleted.
  • Problems displaying 3D Molecule viewer (Mac).
  • Atom annotations could not be displayed by default for the whole molecule.
  • Atom numbers with ” ‘ ” not displayed.
  • Problems editing isotopic atoms.
  • Problems opening document with two equal molecules.
  • Problems with a SDF.
  • Cannot data decimate on an Agilent ser file.
  • Atom numbers did not display in Mestrenova on kubuntu 14.04LTS.

Last modified: June 19, 2015 by Enrique Sánchez