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Mnova NMR

New Features:

  • Pivot Point automatically to the tallest peak in phase correction

The software immediately placed the cursor on the tallest peak when you enter manual phasing correction

  • Improved manual peak picking feature
  • Improved manual multiplet analysis

A new algorithm has been implemented to enhance these features

  • All the successive increase/decrease intensity actions are merged into one command for the undo feature

Mnova DB

New Features:

  • Capability to import predictions from JCAMP

It is now possible to import your JCAMP predictions into Mnova

Mnova GUI

New Features:

  • New scriptable objects

The new availability of scripting in Mnova provides opportunities and benefits both for skilled NMR and casual, non-expect users. The new update includes new objects.

  • New documentation about the new scripting feature

This documentation has been included into the Mnova manual

Bugs Fixed (all plugins):

  • Problems phasing some JCAMP files
  • Problem in the Parameters Table with the carry returns
  • Referencing inconsistence in the solvents table
  • Problems in the 1H-NMR prediction of two cyclohexanes at the same time
  • Problems pasting molecular structures into IsisDraw
  • Info View window is now resizable
  • Problems with the annotations
  • Problems in the linear correction dialog box of the integrals
  • Problems with the duplication of integrals in some Bruker spectra
  • Center on Page Horizontally command appears now on the toolbar
  • Capability to make annotations on the traces of the 2D-NMR spectra
  • To be able to run NMRPredict Desktop without the NMR plugin
  • Enhanced reference solvents table
  • Merge 2D multiplets options disabled in 1D
  • Problems saving the predefined integrals table
  • And many more

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