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Mnova NMR

Bugs Fixed

  • Problems increasing the number of decimals of the binning feature
  • Drift Correction is again applied by default
  • Crashing setting X axis (with negative or zero values) in logarithmic scale in Data Analysis
  • Assignments table is now refreshing immediately after an assignment
  • Problems keeping the reference of Mnova documents older than 6.0.0
  • Problems applying line fitting options and parameters for all traces of a stacked plot
  • Copy To Clipboard didn’t work (in Data Analysis) if the Graph Item was not selected
  • Fixed crash in Data Analysis related with the limits in YColumn model
  • Improve solvent name reading in JCAMP converter to handle the situation when the name is written in angle brackets, e.g.<CDCl3>

Mnova DB

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix a bug that “NMR Prediction Table” layout template filling didn’t work

Mnova MS

Bugs Fixed

  • Problems opening MS data on non-administrative accounts.
  • MS plugin has been included into Mnova Lite version

Mnova GUI

New Features

Added “minidump” creation on crashes for Windows

Bugs Fixed

  • Problems in Mac changing the font style and size in
  • PropertiesTables are again customizable in contextual menus
  • Problems resizing some Mnova Panels
  • Problems displaying the cursor when it is close to drawn object

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