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This is a minor release that fixes several bugs and incorporates some new features as the newprocedure to evaluate and activate licenses for the different Mnova plugins.

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Mnova NMR

New Features

Improvements in the Peaks and Multiplet Reports

  • New option to report assignments in the 13C peaks and multiplet reports
  • Customize the number of decimals for reported multiplets and peaks
  • Improved extended solvent names shown in multiplet reports

Improvements in the Multiplet Analysis feature

  • New tool to auto record the measured J-couplings from the Multiplet Manager

  • Option to not display the box around the multiplet labels


  • Capability to “Save as Multiplet Integrals” when they exist

New NMR converters

  • New converter for SIMPSON format
  • New converter to import&export for Galactic SPC NMR datasets
  • NMR and MS text converters names have been unified

Improvements in the Peaks labels

  • Double clicking on a row in Peaks table will zoom in that peak in the spectrum
  • Capability to move the peak labels up and down

Improvements in the Stacked mode


  • Ability to get correlated crosshair cursors in stacked spectra


  • Capability to auto scale in stacked mode by default

  • Capability to save Line Fitting Options by default
  • 2D contour mode by default
  • Ability to change the comment of spectra in the Arithmetic dialog

Bugs fixed

  • Modifications of L/G values while line fitting do not get updated
  • Gamma value did not get read in a 19F-DOSY spectrum from Bruker
  • Baseline not displayed when loading a document saved with the option to show baseline enabled
  • Unable to enter more than 2 decimals in Spin Simulation
  • Unable to open Varian file with Import Apodization option on
  • Problems hiding integral curves
  • Some parameters of NMR spectra from Bruker did not get read
  • Z-order of templates was not retained
  • Time stamp not read when importing NMR files from Bruker
  • Undefined parameters reported by the script to export Fit Regions as ASCII
  • Molecules distorted after applying a layout template
  • Only one trace was shown when adding 1D traces graphically
  • t shows zero values in Arrayed Data table from a dbppste experiment
  • Problems applying 2D to 1D stack on a pseudo 2D from Tecmag
  • Problems deleting Line Fit Region for stacked spectra
  • Double-clicking on the Peaks Table ddin’t start the edition of the editable cells
  • Problems running Auto Nuclides Count with only one multiplet
  • Auto-integration didn’t work with undefined nuclei
  • The assignment tooltip was shown and hidden continuously
  • Title in a stack did not get updated when changing the active spectrum
  • Problems adjusting the intensity of predicted spectrum in the stack after having reordered
  • Select Traces Graphically tool for 2D spectra keept active when moving to a 1D spectrum
  • Problems inserting a comma or parentheses in Comment field of Parameters table
  • Problems with  the Absolute Reference tool when OK button was pressed with no reference selected
  • Problems labelling TMS peak in HSQC
  • Noise increased when applying automatic baseline correction
  • Problems with the imaginary part of some JCAMP files which generated wrong Peak Picking analysis
  • Problems individually adjusting vertical scaling of a chromatogram and NMR spectrum
  • Save as Integrals and Intgerals Series provided the same information
  • Problems changing the Comment field (from the Parameters table) of a spectrum in a stacked plot.

Mnova DB

New Features

Predict&Highlight for HSQC spectra

NMR Predict Options dialog box shows a tip about the 3D conformers panel

Bugs Fixed

  • NMR prediction was not possible having license only for NMRPRedict Desktop
  • Ability to increase “To value” of 19F Prediction Options higher than 100 ppm
  • Error running X-Nuclei NMR predictions without the Verification plugin activated

Mnova MS

Bugs Fixed

  • GC trace from Aglient not shown as expected

Mnova DB

New Features

  • Ability to add qNMR fields when creating a new DB
  • Display search criteria together with hitlist

Bugs fixed

  • Error message when using minor sign in a numeric search with Oracle

Mnova GUI

New Features

Improvements in the usability of Mnova licensing

  • You can activate Mnova just by dragging&dropping the license files. Find out more.

  • Ability to access any widget by objectName

Bugs fixed

  • Molecule highlighting not correct when molecule labels were not displayed
  • Stereodescriptor missing in case of a stererocenter defined with a explicit H
  • Addition of carbons at selected position was not possible when atom labels were not shown
  • Display of stereodescriptors with extra commas
  • Fuse benzene with cyclopropane behaviour was wrong if performed from atoms 1-6
  • Problems displaying a molecule pasted as Chemdraw Exchange File
  • Document counter counted pages when importing items

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