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This is a minor release that fixes several bugs and incorporates some new features.

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Mnova NMR

New Features

Capability to select projections from NMR properties

Capability to change the position of axes and 1D traces of a 2D spectrum

New feature to clean analysis

The ‘Clean Analysis’ tool will delete all analysis features (peaks, integrals, multiplets) for the selected spectra as well as all assignments of the molecules linked with that spectrum.

Manual picking a multiplet overrides the peak types

Using the manual multiplet analysis tool to select peak, which were automatically identified as impurities, will flag them as compound peaks

Bugs Fixed

  • Less peak labels after zooming or reducing the font size
  • Cut ranges not working when an automatic phase correction is applied
  • Problems with the line fitting on stacked spectra
  • Swap Assignments tool not available when assignments labels are not displayed
  • Problems Manual phasing after having corrected the baseline
  • Problems with the correlated crosshair tool on stacks

Mnova MS

New Features

New feature to create plot layouts

Capability to extract several MS items to one page at the same time

It will be possible to select several chromatograms or spectra in the same page to extract all of them to a new page. To do it, just hold down the ‘Ctrl+Alt’ key and click on the desired plots, next right click and select ‘Extract plot’.

Ability to choose which mass spectrum to update

If you are in any of the spectrum selection modes (Manual/Peak/Peak (Background subt.)), you will be allowed to to select graphically which of the plots must be replaced when selecting a spectrum. The selection target can be also done from the MS Browser.

Capability to synchronize all the chromatograms simultaneously with the same retention time

It will be possible to zoom, pan and cut into the same retention time for all the chromatograms simultaneously when zooming into one of them. This option can be disabled from the ‘Preferences’ dialog box:

Bugs Fixed

  • Problems when adding to many plots in one page
  • Adding isotopes to Element Constraint is missing
  • Some options missing in context menu of DAD spectrum plots
  • MS spectra in old Mnova documents were not loaded

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