Touch-screen computers are emerging as a popular platform for many applications, including those in chemistry and analytical sciences. Mestrelab Research implemented a new NMR “app”
designed for hand-held and portable touch-controlled devices such as tablets.
A very brief workflow on how to become a Beta Tester of Mnova tablet (iPad) is shown below. Please follow this alternative tutorial if you are an Android user.

STEP #1 Registration

First of all, you will have to provide us with your apple ID which will be added to our Mestrelab’s beta tester´s group. Then you will receive an email from  iTunes Connect asking you to activate your account. (See email example below).

STEP #2 Download the TestFlight app from the Apple store (required)

TestFlight Beta Testing requires iOS 8 or later. This can be used in all 155 countries where the App Store is available. TestFlight is required to get access to the Mnova tablet app.



STEP #3 Access to the MestReNova app

You will receive another email where you can access to the MestReNova app (via TestFlight). You will receive this email everytime the app is updated.

Please note that you will not be able to access the app unless you have the TestFlight application installed in your iPad.

2015-04-22 13.25

 Step #4 Install the MestReNova app

2015-04-22 13.28

STEP #5 Open the MestReNova application2015-04-22 13.30


splash tablet


STEP #6 Introduce your apple email address

Once the application has been launched, then go to settings/subscription tab and enter your apple ID (email address). A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox.





STEP #7 Check your inbox

An automated email will be sent to you.

googlegroup 002

STEP #8 Email address validation

Click on the “confirm your email address” link provided on the email and then on the “comfirm my email and get started” red button to validate it.

tablet subscribing 003

tablet subscribing 004

STEP #9 Get your subscription information updated

As a final step, go back to the app and click again on settings/subscription and then press the “refresh status” button.


After this your MestReNova app is ready to be tested!



Last modified: April 23, 2015 by Enrique Sánchez