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This is the list of provider data supported by Mnova MS. Contact us if you have any doubt.

OS Data
Provider Windows Linux Mac OS MS Traces DAD
Agilent Ion Trap 1
Agilent ChemStation
Agilent MassHunter 1
Bruker XMass 4 1
Bruker Compass 1
JEOL FastFlight
Perkin Elmer SQ/ToF 6 1
Sciex Analyst 2
Sciex Data Explorer 3
Shimadzu v3 1
Shimadzu v5 3
Thermo Xcalibur 1
Varian SMS/XMS 1
Waters MassLynx 5
Waters .rpt


1: It uses vendor libraries provided by Mnova

2: Requires Analyst installation for users using Windows 8 or using Analyst QS with an Agilent MS (note that Analyst QS is 32-bit only). For versions below Windows 8 it uses vendor libraries provided by Mnova.

3: Requires vendor software installed in the system.

4: In Windows it uses the Bruker Compass provider to open Xmass datasets; learn how to install it.

5: MSe or ion mobility not supported.

6: Included since Mnova 9.1.0.

Last modified: December 1, 2016 by Enrique Sánchez