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Mestrelab will host a webinar to discuss the applicability and use of NMR-based methods to determine compound purity.

NMR has long been a favourite for this Quality Assurance task because all proton-bearing species will show in the spectrum, and quantitation can readily be achieved without the need to isolate compounds and determine their response factors. Variability in the analysis can occur without a software framework to address this.

Adding to already impressive qNMR functionality in Mnova, the new “Purity” capability makes the data processing robust and easy. It is equally well suited to either the chemist making a “one off” measurement or the regulated laboratory making these measurements constantly. The software makes it simple to work with standard procedures, perhaps applied by staff having a lower technical capability.
Of interested to:
Researchers using or responsible for QA of (mainly) organic compounds. Synthetic organic chemists reporting their compound purity for publication or internal company purposes.

Dr Mike Bernstein, VP R&D, Mestrelab Research

Friday, January 31st, 2014

15:00 GMT

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