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Dr. Craig Butts gave a webinar about qNOE acquisition in small molecules applications on Wednesday the 6th of July.



The nuclear Overhauser enhancement (NOE) is a well-used qualitative solution-state NMR tool for structural analysis, with the ability to assess “close” or “not close” contacts between nuclei. In small molecules this can be taken a significant step further, establishing quantitative internuclear distance data with surprisingly high levels of accuracy – so called ‘qNOE’. Here we will explore the basis for this quantitation, outline the practical requirements to achieve quantitation and demonstrate the accuracy (and limits) of qNOE in small molecule applications.


About Dr. Craig Butts

butts1120x180_3x2Craig achieved his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Canterbury (New Zealand) in 1996 and conducted postdoctoral research with Professor Roger Alder at the University of Bristol (UK).

He held lectureships in Physical and Organic Chemistry at the University of Exeter (UK) before returning to Bristol in 2005 where he is a Reader in Structural and Mechanistic Chemistry.
His research interests centre around the elucidation and understanding of chemical structure and dynamics, in particular through the application, analysis and development of NMR techniques. He has published over 90 papers and is President-Elect of the SMASH NMR conference (2016-2019).


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