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Dr. Susanne Riegel gave a webinar explaining how to quantify Wittig reaction stereoselectivity using a 60MHz benchtop spectrometer.

About Susanne Riegel



Susanne did a M.Sc. in main group catena-phosphorus compounds at Dalhousie University followed by a Ph.D. in Organometallics at the University of Calgary.

She has been with Nanalysis since 2012 where she is Head of Application Chemistry and the NMR Product Manager.



The Wittig Reaction is a reliable, high-yield method for synthesizing alkenes.  It is employed in a variety of applications, including agrochemicals, steroidal production, textiles/dyes, synthetic nutritional supplements, because, unlike other alkene-forming synthetic protocols, the Wittig reaction is highly stereoselective.  Moreover, this stereoselectivity can be regulated through skillful choice of the Wittig reagent used.  Here we describe the synthesis of flavor and aroma compounds through the Wittig reaction and use a 60 MHz benchtop NMR spectrometer to assign and quantify the relative proportion of cis– and trans- isomer formed.



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