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Learn how to get your first results in a few minutes with Mnova NMR.

You can either watch this video or read the starting guide.

Go through the following procedure to process a routine 1D-NMR spectrum.

You can also download and use the Mnova document use at this starting guide.

1. Drag&Drop the spectrum folder to ‘Mnova’. The spectrum will automatically open already processed; no matter what vendor your data comes from. It the folder contains a .mol file, the molecular structure will be loaded.

If not, you will be easily able to copy & paste molecular structures from Chemdraw, IsisDraw or Chemsketch (by using Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V, or Cmd+C & Cmd+V).

2. Click on the ‘Baseline Correction’ icon Baseline Correction Icon to automatically correct the baseline.

3. Paste the Parameters Table just by following the menu: View/Table and clicking on the ‘Report’ icon:

4. Click on the ‘Multiplet Analysis’ icon Multiplet Analysis Icon to automatically apply a peak picking and a multiplet analysis. Right clicking on the multiplet box and selecting ‘Report Multiplets’ will paste the multiplet report

NOTE: If you are not happy with the automatic multiplet analysis, you will be able to manually change the range by hovering the mouse over the multiplet label, clicking on one of the green squares and dragging the mouse to the left or right. It will be also possible to divide multiplets by clicking on the red square of the multiplet label.


5. Finally, the user will be able to save Save Icon, print Print Icon or export to PDF Export do PDF Icon, the document by clicking on the corresponding icon in the toolbar.

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