New Mbook 2.1 is here!

The Electronic Laboratory Notebook created by chemists for the synthetic chemists

Designed to replace paper laboratory notebooks for synthetic chemists which can benefit from the power of Mnova analytical software.

New cloud-based ELN with built-in raw analytical data support and automatic structure confirmation capabilities.

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What’s new in Mbook 2.1?

  • Stockroom tool to locate your chemicals
  • Reactions can be imported from Chemdraw
  • A footer can be added to your reports
  • Improvements to the Stoichiometric table
  • New ‘Guest’ role for your visitors and others
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Subscription-based. You will get…

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· 4GB per user
· Automatic backups
· Web & Tablet UI

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· In-app messaging
· Multiuser

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· Email support
· Library resources

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New features overview




  • Streamlined user interface and icons.
  • Hierarchical user’s roles: Group Manager, Project Manager, Bench Chemist as well as Admin and Guest.
  • Straight forward chemistry workflow: Projects, Reactions and Experiments layers.
  • Automated and customized reporting.

Chemistry centered

  • Created for chemists by chemists.
  • Raw analytical data interaction and automated processing
  • Compound DB and embedded molecular sketcher.
  • Stoichiometric calculations done for you.
  • Experiment witnessing and approval.

Seamless collaboration

  • Fully searchable (text and structure).
  • Cloud hosted solution with an in-house option.
  • In-app messaging service.
  • No application installation, maintenance or updates required.
  • An infrastructure to accommodate requirements for other scientific disciplines.

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Replace paper notebooks

Mbook is designed to replace paper notebooks, allowing researchers to continue to store the information relevant to their projects, reactions and experiments. Its digitized format makes it immediately searchable and shareable. It supports the critical elements needed to effectively record and report chemistry.

Experimental elements

  • Reaction scheme and experimental conditions
  • Stoichiometry table and experiment write-up area
  • Analytical data (NMR, MS, etc.) for reactants, solvents and products
  • MSDS datasheets for all experiment participants
  • Literature references and other relevant documents
  • Image files (product appearance, TLC, etc.)

Digital reporting made easy

Automatic reporting capabilities allow you to generate PDF reports with one single click, and to use templates to predefine what you want those reports to look like.

Projects, Reactions and Experiments

  • Your chemistry work is organized structured into Projects, Reactions and Experiments, as you would normally expect in a synthesis laboratory.
  • Creating Projects and Reactions is fast and simple and you can immediately start populating them with experiments.
  • Setup roles with different functionalities accessible to each of them.
  • Cloning of experiments is supported, so that you can copy experiments previously created by yourself or from other users in your group and therefore avoid effort duplication.

Hierarchical user roles structure

Mbook recognizes the complex organization (management) of a lab, and assigns diverse roles to the users: Group Manager, Project Manager, Bench Chemist and Guest with different functionality, accessible to each of them. See a more detailed description of the user roles and their permissions.

Draw or import your molecules.

Experiment participants (reactants, solvents and products) can be drawn directly with the Mestrelab web structure editor, imported as .mol files after drawing them in third party applications or loaded from the prepopulated database of more than 2,500 commonly used synthesis compounds.

Unique and powerfull App integrated with Mnova

You can process your analytical data (NMR and LCMS) by uploading it into Mbook and attach it to your experiments. Mbook will automatically process and analyze it using the Mnova automation engine. You can either save Mnova reports or process your raw data with Mbook. This sets Mbook apart from any ELN currently in the market.

  • Peak picking, integration and multiplet analysis will be automatically performed for you just by uploading your Mnova zip file.
  • Preview the analytical data within Mbook so you will not need to open your files in an analytical data package until you need to work on them.
  • Multiplicity lists and other parameters for reports and publications are also stored into Mbook.
  • Upload and preview any sort of image you consider necessary for your experiment such as your TLCs. Save time by previewing them by hovering the mouse.

With regard to your analytical data, Mbook is definitely the most advanced ELN you can currently find in the market!

Fully scalable application, with a subscription-based license model that allows you to add users and grow with the tool without the need to upgrade hardware or IT resources.

Hosted on a cloud server provided by Mestrelab and Amazon Web Services, so your group or organization does not have to provide the infrastructure to host the application. This means:

  • You do not need IT capabilities to install, maintain or update the software.
  • You just need a subscription and a web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox).
  • Data will be available ONLY to all permitted users and it will remain secure and confidential.
  • No application installation, maintenance or updates required.

Mbook is a flexible system that can also be installed on your own server and accessible to your users via their browsers. Contact us if you are interested in this installation.

Mbook Users


Mbook is suitable for academic groups, groups at Universities, CRO’s, companies which outsource their chemistry, as well as startups, small chemical industry and pharmaceutical companies.

Oxford University

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • 4GB storage per user
  • Email support
  • Automatic backups
  • Multiuser collaboration
  • In App messaging
  • Web and tablet interface
  • Mbook installation (If you prefer in-house)

All you need to run Mbook is a subscription and access to a web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox). Only basic IT capabilities are needed to install, maintain and update the software.

Mbook provides several levels of access through user roles, limiting access depending on the position occupied by the individual user

  • Admin
  • Project Manager
  • Group Manager
  • Bench Chemist
  • Guest

In addition to these roles, Mbook offers the possibility of further customisation of permissions by allowing Group Managers to designate Safety, Inventory or Structure managers.

You can read more information about User roles and permissions

Yes, as long as your raw data is uploaded as Mnova NMR or MS data files. One unique feature of Mbook is that that you can interact with the raw data you upload. Mbook is a spectral ELN that supports analytical data. Once you upload your raw data, the spectrum will be automatically processed and analysed (peak picking, integration, multiplet analysis) by using the Mnova automation engine.

Yes, Mbook delivers excellent time saving capabilities when compared to a traditional paper notebook. You will no longer have to waste time searching for data in a stack of paper notebooks or spend time decoding your colleague’s unreadable handwriting.

Mbook eliminates the learning curve associated with most software products and as it is a searchable system it is very accessible thus improving your time efficiency. Additionally, the interconnectivity with your Mnova data, unique feature for any ELN in the market will improve your work efficiency.

Yes, we believe this new Electronic Lab Notebook created in collaboration with the University of Santiago and the University of Vigo has got very unique features.

It has been made focused on the needs of the organic chemists, with a well-structured and friendly interface, and full of features to speed-up the synthetic chemist’s write-up. Interacting with your raw analytical data is a feature that other ELN’s do not possess.

Yes, thanks to the new molecular editor Marvin JS integrated in Mbook, you can copy&paste your structures from your preferred drawing package such as ChemDraw. You can also import as .mol files.

Mbook generates high quality, consistent reports quickly and effortlessly via the reporting automation. You can easily select the spectra and images you want to include in your report in one click.

Mbook comes equipped with a library of more than 2,500 compounds commonly used in synthetic chemistry. This not only delivers significant time savings but also avoids drawing errors. You can also add compounds to the library to avoid re-drawing them.

Mbook is a flexible system and as such an in-house alternative to the Cloud based system is available. It can be installed on your own servers and accessible to your users via their browsers avoiding the need for Cloud storage. Contact us if you are interested in this installation.

Yes, Mbook offers you the possibility of witnessing and also approving experiments. Witnesses will receive a notification via the in-app messaging service.

You can upload a zip file containing your original NMR or MS data in the Files/Characterization section as shown below. This will automatically process your spectra. If the spectra has already been processed you just need to upload your Mnova data.

Yes, your data will be kept and only people with the privilege from your team will be able to access to your data.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud infrastructure has been architected to be one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available today.

It provides an extremely scalable, highly reliable platform that enables customers to deploy applications and data quickly and securely.

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Mbook project

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Our workflow now is indeed more rapid and effective, we have now a full and complete control of our compound database. Since Mbook is web based it is really easy to access to it from everywhere, either when we are working in the lab or being busy in a meeting. Talking in terms of productivity we decided to go further and equipped each fumehood with a tablet, hence Mbook is now used on a real time base. Read More

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