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Mnova Combos allow our users to enjoy several Mnova plugins at the same time while they get important savings on the price they pay.

What plugins are included on each of the combos?

If you are a current Mnova customer, we will redeem the value you have already spent when upgrading to higher combo.

Combo Name
Mnova Suite
Mnova Suite Chemist
Mnova Suite Expert
Save up to 80%!

What about pricing?

With Mnova Suite Expert you not only get an outstanding package; we can offer you to redeem the price you have already spent on your current package.

Pricing Mnova Suite Mnova Suite Chemist Mnova Suite Expert
Academic single perpetual license 687,50 Eur 1.031,25 Eur 2.781,25 Eur
Industrial single perpetual license 2.750,00 Eur 4.125,00 Eur 11.125,00 Eur


Save money by purchasing several plugins at the same time

Our Combo packages allow us to be a little bit more aggresive with our pricings and you can benefit from that.
Also, if you are upgrading from any other combo we can discount you the price you have already paid!

Integrate all the plugins on the same interface

By using our multipage ppt-like interface your users will save time when learning and using the software.

Get new plugins for free

Whenever we decide to include a new plugin into your package you will get it when you update your version.

Don’t you like it? Go for single plugins.

We want Mnova to be as flexible as it needs to. So if you don't like our combos you can head to our software page and select the plugins and licenses you specifically need.