Generate the IUPAC name for your molecular structures

We have launched Mnova 12 which includes many new features and enhancements as well as several new products. One of these new products is Mnova IUPAC Name and we believe that it will be very useful for organic chemists when using Mnova.

One-click to generate the IUPAC name for any molecular structure included in your Mnova document

Submit a test molecule that you think might be difficult, and we will send you the name we produce!

SPECIAL PROMOTION:  All Licenses are FREE until
31st October 2018. A valid license of Mnova NMR is required to use Mnova IUPAC Name.

Mnova IUPAC Name algorithm
Part I

This tool takes advantage of the enhancements within the new molecular editor. You can now generate the IUPAC name for any molecular structure included in your Mnova document…

Mnova IUPAC Name algorithm
Part II

Once again let’s speak about MNova innovative approach that allows to generate correct IUPAC names for most of the possible modifications of suffix groups.

Mnova IUPAC Name algorithm
Part III

Our current achievement is generating of Preferred IUPAC Names (PIN) for unbranched rings assemblies of 3 through 6 identical cyclic system and branched rings assemblie…

Download Mnova

product_icon_download 1. Download

IUPAC Name is included in Mnova 12. No extra installer is required.

product_icon_install 2. Installation

Open Mnova and go to ‘Help/Get-Install Licenses’. Select ‘Evaluate’.

product_icon_license 3. License

Fill in the form and check “IUPAC Name” option to get your license.

What’s IUPAC Name?

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is the world authority on chemical nomenclature and terminology, including the naming of new elements in the periodic table; on standardized methods for measurement; and on atomic weights, and many other critically-evaluated data.

IUPAC is the universally-recognized authority on chemical nomenclature and terminology and two IUPAC bodies take leading roles in this activity: Division VIII – Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation and the Inter-divisional Committee on Terminology, Nomenclature, and Symbols.

Read more about IUPAC here.