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A software environment which allows single scientists to save, store, manage, search and retrieve their analytical data, allowing them to leverage past work and knowledge for future projects.

How often do you think you may have seen spectra similar to the ones you are currently looking at, or that you may have even had spectra for the same compounds? How often would you like to visually compare similar spectra to the ones you have just run to gain information from similarities and differences? MyData allows you to save all your analytical work and to benefit from this work in the future by easily benefiting from similar data you may have run and characterize in the past. All your analytical data is at your fingertips, available when you need it and searchable and retrievable within the Mnova environment for maximum productivity.


Save all data supported by Mnova

MyData supports all the data formats that Mnova supports

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Very flexible and fast searching

flexible and fast searching

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Integrated into your workflow

MyData is fully integrated with Mnova

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Easy installation, minimum maintenance

MyData is easy to install and mantain!

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