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With this entry version to Mnova all the tools you need as a basic user are at your fingertips in a single, intuitive environment. This software is ideal for the bench chemist who is using NMR for routine 1D experiments. It incorporates significant automation and many basic processing and analysis features. All the tools you need as a basic user are at your fingertips in a single, intuitive environment, and the program handles all the complex, technical aspects of the process for you. Select your FID and get automatically your 1D spectra already processed.

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Mnova NMR
Mnova NMR Lite
1D & 2D NMR Analysis and Processing 1D NMR only
Intelligent Peak Picking (to automatically detect impurities, solvents or artifacts) x
Data Analysis for reaction monitoring and kinetics x
Molecular structure sketcher x
3D Molecular viewer x
Global, Selective and Metabonomics' phase correction algorithms Only Global and Manual phase corrections algorithms
Polynomial Fit, the Whittaker Smoother (our in-house developed algorithm) and Manual Multipoint Baseline Correction One baseline correction algorithm only (Bernstein Polynomials)
Multiplet analysis x
Linear Prediction x
Advanced apodization functions Only exponential, gaussian and first point multiplications
Signal Supression x
Scripting capabilities x
Compression of data sets when saving x
Smoothing algorithm available x
Stacked spectra mode x
Overlaid Spectra mode x
Predict and Compare Available (if used with NMRPredict Desktop) x
Atom to peak assignments x
Exporting to MestReC, ANiML formats x
Bayesian DOSY Transform x
Spin Simulation x
Resolution booster x
Layout templates x
J-Correlator x
Arithmetic x
Line Fitting x
Global Spectral Deconvolution (GSD) x
Group Delay x