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Configure the concentration determination method

Configure the concentration determination method to use a “concentration conversion factor” (CCF), an artificial signal, or the residual solvent signal. If necessary, automatically compensate for changes in the receiver gain or number of scans.


Use by less-skilled analysts is assisted by standardized operations and smart analysis

By saving a procedure that includes the multiplets to be analysed, easily work with repetitions, or create a SOP for others to always use. The automatic multiplet selection can make the analysis so simple that the hardest task is entering relevant sample-to-sample specific details!


Purity determinations

This module uses the Concentration “engine”, and therefore has all its features. However, this capability has been built to make NMR “Purity” (a.k.a. “Potency”) measurements simple and accurate. As an aside, the same basic functionality can be used to measure salt ratios, and solvent contamination levels.

Purity measurements are typically made using a sample made from carefully weighed analyte, and a concentration reference material (CRM) – or internal concentration standard – dissolved together in a deuterated solvent. Careful NMR signal acquisition is used, often in automated systems.