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At Mestrelab we aim to improve the quality of our software and to provide the best service possible. We are continuously working on new features, plug-ins and enhancements.

Let's have a look at some of the main features implemented recently.

You can also download the latest Mnova version.

NMR Data Synthesis

  • Prediction of NMR spectra
  • Spin Simulation
  • From NMR multiplets reports to synthetic spectra


  • Smaller NMR files
  • NMR Baseline Correction – New method in Mnova 9
  • Mnova 9 goes NUS
  • Faster NMR Data Processing with Mnova 9
  • Comprehensive Covariance NMR toolkit
  • Reference Deconvolution

Analysis / Advanced Analysis

  • Absolute Chemical Shift Referencing
  • PCA (Chemometrics)
  • Improved handling of stacked NMR spectra
  • NMR Data Analysis
  • Mnova qNMR (additional license, free for academia)
  • Mnova RM (additional license, free for academia)
  • Edited Sum integration method
  • Display your spectra by peak type
  • Visualize HMBC, ROESY and NOESY’s connectivities in the molecule structure

Saving & Workflows

  • Train your predictions
  • Mnova MyData (additional license needed)


  • Customized Assignments Report
  • High quality spectral images for your publications