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Many of the advanced features in Mnova are only available since the latest versions.

Check out what version of Mnova you are using by simply open the software and clicking on Help --> About at the main menu

Current version

What’s new in Mnova 11

Mnova 11 (released in July 2016) is a major release that incorporates many new features in NMR, MS, Molecule Editor, Database, Verify and NMRPredict plugins. We have integrated a new PhysChem properties module as well as important enhancements in our Scripting Engine. This version has fixed several bugs.

Our minor releases over the past year helped you to correct several issues described at the bottom of the page.

Mnova 11.0.1 (September 2016)

Mnova 11.0.2 (December 2016)

Mnova 11.0.3 (February 2017) 

Mnova 11.0.4  (April 2017) is our latest version and another minor release with some bug fixes such as:

  • Improved NUS processing algorithm for some 2D NMR experiments.
  • HSQC stripped transformed in Topspin files loads spectra correctly referenced.
  • All shortcuts (Mac version) are now fully functional.
  • Mnova MS capabilities have also been enhanced (see a more detailed description below).

Mnova 11 – New & highly improved features


  • 1D and 2D assignments have been considerably improved:
    • Assisted Assignments.
    • Correlation arrows in the molecule.
    • Improved workflow.
    • “Quality” of each assignment in the assignments table.
  • ‘Best NMR’ Prediction.
  • PhysChem properties module.
  • Improved support of NUS experiments.
  • Advanced Reference Deconvolution toolkit.
  • DOSY processing:
    • New DOSY processing algorithm.
    • Non-Uniform Gradient (NUG) correction.
  • Auto track moving peaks in Reaction Monitoring.
  • Support of Covariance and Pure Shift Experiments for Advanced NMR processing.
  • Popup molecule widget.
  • Mnova MS peak purity calculation.
  • New chemometrics module.

Other advanced features

  • Denoising algorithms for 1D and 2D NMR spectra.
  • Improved manual multipoint baseline correction method.
  • Enhanced Group Delay correction algorithm for Bruker spectra.
  • Improved GSD algorithm.

Mnova 11.0.4 (minor release)


  • Improved NUS processing algorithm: some 2D experiments that showed unexpected noise artifacts are now processed properly by the improved NUS processing algorithm.
  • HSQC stripped transformed in Topspin now load spectra which are correctly.
  • Reference Deconvolution results improved as per Delta software from JEOL.
  • JCAMP files are now generated from Mnova with the adequate dynamic range.
  • All shortcuts (Mac version) are now fully functional.


  • Agilent LCMS files with negative ion traces are now detected appropriately.
  • Integration of chromatographic peaks using Total Absorbance Chromatogram works also when baseline drops below zero.
  • Able to load MS files from Bruker Compass (.baf) and Agilent MassHunter (.bin).

Mnova 11.0.3 (minor release)

  • Permissions error when launching Mnova (Mac version) has been repaired.
  • Able to load spectra via the network.
  • Slow loading of files has been fixed.
  • Improvements in the processing of 2D NMR data acquired in JEOL spectrometers.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Mnova 11.0.2 (minor release)

  • Improved automatic 1D NMR phase correction using the new algorithm “Regions analysis”.

 Mnova 11.0.1 (minor release)

  • Running the verification tool can also be done using Mac and Linux Operating Systems.
  • Able to load an NMR file with the option “Fit to highest Compound” selected in Preferences/NMR/Import.
  • Philips Achieva script is now importing files correctly.
  • PDA and UV chromatogram peaks are automatically integrated.


Mnova 11

Find a complete list with feature enhancements in the module tabs below.


  • Version: 11.0.1
  • Release date: 07/22/2016

Read the complete changelog.