Get to know us

About Mestrelab

MESTRELAB RESEARCH is an innovative company

We have grown from an academic research project to provide quality scientific software to thousands of customers.


To deliver top quality software tools for the scientific research community and to continuously strive to attain state-of-the-art in Graphical User Interfaces, software integration and software science.


We believe that scientific software development should be challenging and enjoyable, and this is the base of our vision, which is explained below.

  • We shall continue to invest on the improvement of our Graphical User Interfaces, our software architecture and the scientific research necessary to continuously push the boundaries of current state-of-the-art. We shall not compromise on product quality and we shall be leaders in quality. We shall never settle for second best or choose easy before excellent.

  • We shall continue to listen and react to our customers needs, delivering improvements quickly and developing for our customers, not ourselves. We will keep the needs of chemists and biochemists at the core of our product development.

  • We want to contribute to the popularity and appeal of the scientific techniques with which we are involved by making our software accessible to students and educational institutions, even in the poorest countries.

  • We believe in developing our scientific software ethically and shall continue to create high quality employment for high quality people in our local area. We will develop our employees, foster a pleasant, creative and challenging working environment and reward our people commensurately to our high quality expectation.

  • We shall give excellent customer support and continuously strive to improve our relationship with our customers and our customers experience. We want to make sure that being our customer is rewarding and enjoyable.

  • We will always be approachable and available to our customers, our project would not exist without them.

Where we are

Our team is the most valuable thing we have; in fact our experience and know-how is almost all we have. A very international company with over 70 people located in several countries. And this is without taking into account our scientific advisory board (which is completely international).

We have resellers in China, Japan, Korea, Poland and India. Contact them here.