At Scion we have many chemists who like the ease of use of Mnova. The software is very intuitive and takes little training to have people analyzing their NMR data and producing presentation quality graphics. The ability to write scripts makes processing multiple datasets a breeze. The peak deconvolution function is very simple to use making Mnova ideal for analysis of solid state NMR spectra of polymers and bio-based composite materials. Although not as common in our organization, the module for the analysis of Mass Spectra is also user friendly and has the advantage of being the same software as the NMR processing. This means you only have to learn things once to be able to analyze your NMR and MS data.

Stefan J. Hill
PhD (Chemistry) – Scion Research Leader – Chemical Characterisation

The software is really great and I really enjoy working with MNOVA compared some of the other processing programs.

Ash Ibrahim
Research – McMaster University