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Related Products

Mnova is a multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Linux, web GUI) and multivendor software suite designed for the data processing, analysis and reporting of combined analytical data from NMR, LC/GC/MS, IR, UV, Vis, IR and Raman techniques.

Mnova Gears is a modular and flexible software suite that can be used to build automation workflows for your analytical data.

It makes automation simpler and faster by giving users full control over the design and testing of your workflows.

Mnova DB is a spectroscopically aware database with a flexible data model integrated within Mnova for the efficient and shared storage of molecular structures, NMR and LC/GC/MS analytical data as well as other Mnova objects.

Create new databases and save records to them with just a couple of clicks and run searches in many different ways: by structure or substructure, specific peak position, multiplets, mass peaks, etc.

Mbook is a cloud-based Electronic Laboratory Notebook with built-in tools for synthetic and analytical chemistry workflows. Mbook is an excellent solution to efficiently managing your teams and projects, and easily tracking all your experiments and analyses. It’s time to transform your synthetic and analytical labs to digital…

Mdrive is a cloud-based solution specially designed for chemists and biochemists to manage entire workflows from request to results. It includes well-recognized and widely used Mestrelab products for data processing, analysis, and automation as well as a web-based environment to allow you to configure laboratory and analysis requests directly from your ELN.