Informatics Solutions

The evolution of pharmaceutical industries, and more particularly their R&D, towards “Big Data”, is in general integrating, connecting, taking value out of the 3 main informatics ecosystems:


Interconnecting the Ecosystems requires:

  • Managing the instruments and register the analysis needs or requests
  • Creating complex reports in a mouse click
  • Automation
  • Specific indexing of the knowledge abstracted from raw and refined data
  • Data standardization and extraction of AI ready descriptors

Integrating Informatics Ecosystems

Data in pharma R&D informatics ecosystems is still often disparate, siloed, disconnected from classical informatics, and very often inaccessible for re-analysis despite the continuous effort being made towards increased integration.


Mestrelab Research Informatic Solutions closes the loop between Laboratory Informatics, Instrumentation and Data Accessibility, offering a one-shop solutions or tools to connect with existing enterprise tools