3rd Edelris Symposium

3rd Edelris Symposium


May/31/2023 - Jun/01/2023

Join this exciting virtual symposium on High Throughput Technology for Hit Generation! 

Mestrelab is proud to sponsor the 3rd Edelris Symposium on Affinity Selection-Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery, which will take place online on May 31 and June 1, 2023. Mr. Kai Sinervo (ORION CORPORATION) will be speaking on “Setting up an AS-MS Screening Method in the Pharmaceutical Industry.”

We look forward to this event and the valuable insights it will provide to researchers and professionals involved in drug discovery and development. Exciting news! REGISTRATION IS FREE!


May 31 – June 01, 2023


Edelrys Synopsium 2023

Discover How Affinity Screen Can Enhance Your Workflow and Boost Efficiency


  1.  Streamlined Process: Affinity Screen automates every step from data pickup to processing, reporting, and archiving, reducing complexity and minimizing manual input.
  2. Efficient Hit Identification: Seamless review and confirmation of potential hits without sifting through irrelevant data saves time and effort.
  3. Customizable and Adaptable: Affinity Screen supports the implementation of user’s own methods or laboratory’s SOPs, providing flexibility and customization options.
  4. Accelerated Discovery: By removing the bottleneck of data processing and analysis, Affinity Screen speeds up the discovery of new hits. It can screen up to 11,000 compounds per plate in a single click, with the ability to scale up for more plates in a single run.
  5. Versatile Integration: Affinity Screen fits perfectly in a drug discovery environment, complementing other LC-MS analyses such as quantification and determination of physicochemical properties of hit molecules.
Edelrys Synompsium