CAMS – Community for Analytical Measurement Science

CAMS - Community for Analytical Measurement Science



Engage with our Mestrelab Expert Team in Data Analytics

We are very excited to participate in and sponsor the State of Data Analytics Meeting on March 13th in Cambridge, UK. As a leading analytical chemistry data software company, we’re eager to share how to unlock the full potential of analytical data. This crucial event will promote discussions on merging data analytics with analytical chemistry, improving data use in academia and industry. It’s a prime chance to close the gap between data creation, storage, and use, encouraging knowledge sharing and skill-building.

Collaborating with leading UK and international experts, we aim to tackle data analytics challenges and pioneer field advancements. We anticipate a productive exchange of ideas and collaborative efforts to elevate data analytics in the UK.



March 13, 2014


Christ’s College, St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge, CB2 3BU

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Taking you from instruments and analytical data to knowledge and decisions and beyond, MESTRELAB RESEARCH’s innovative scientific software is for analytical chemistry data processing, analysis & reporting.  We create solutions for automated analysis as well as desktop solutions.  Our workflows include request-to-result solutions, data preservation tools and are set up to enable you to build the future by including the ability to transform analytical data to become AI-ready.

Our tools support NMR, LC-GC/MS, and optical spectroscopic data and enable extraction of meaningful chemical information from your analytical data.