Forum Labo Paris

Forum Labo Paris


Mar/28/2023 - Mar/30/2023

Join our team at booth #4-B108

Join us at this great French laboratory event for both the academic and private sector, including pharmaceutical, chemical, agri-food, cosmetics and biotechnology industries in Paris, March 28-30!

Visit us in Hall 4 to find out more about Mestrelab’s latest developments in analytical chemistry software solutions and how to improve your laboratory analytical data handling.

We hope to see you there!


March 28 – 30, 2023


Are you a project or team leader looking for ways to simplify and optimize the time your team spend dealing with analytical data and experimental data management?

Don’t look further! Our Mnova software, with its Mnova Suite Combo including modules for the processing, analysis and reporting of your analytical data (NMR, GC&LC/MS, IR, UV, Raman) as well as data prediction (NMR, MS), is the perfect, user-friendly tool for helping your team streamline its analytical processes.

Besides our Mnova  analytical software, we offer an easy to run web-based ELN solution for your synthetic and analytical chemists. With Mbook, managing your teams, projects and experiments is made simple and intuitive, making team collaboration effortless. Mbook allows users to easily create experiments from an embedded structure editor and an automatically generated and updated stoichiometric table, store and review analytical data, upload laboratory photos (TLC, experimental set-ups) and manage the lab’s reagents inventory in real time.