ISMAR 2023

ISMAR 2023


Aug/20/2023 - Aug/25/2023

Join us at ISMAR 2023, the premier scientific conference on magnetic resonance, taking place from August 20-25 in Brisbane! As a proud exhibitor, Mestrelab will be showcasing our innovative software solutions for NMR data analysis and management. Whether you’re from academia or industry, our user-friendly software caters to all, making NMR analysis a breeze.

Visit our booth #3 to explore our software’s potential, with special mention in Fragment-Based Drug Discovery (FBDD) and Biologics, and gain expert insights from our team. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how Mestrelab can elevate your magnetic resonance research!

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Aug 20-25, 2023


Mestrelab’s NMR Software Solutions: Unlock Your Data’s Potential!

Discover Mnova, our suite of software tools tailored for NMR experts. Mnova NMR offers a range of powerful capabilities, including data processing and analysis from various spectrometers, advanced peak picking, multiplet analysis, and 2D processing.

Our software excels in structure elucidation, providing interactive tools for peak assignment and validating structures with experimental data. Additionally, explore our prediction and simulation features, enabling comparisons between experimental and simulated spectra for a deeper molecular understanding.

But that’s not all! Mnova BioHOS offers specialized solutions for biomolecular NMR, while Mnova for FBDD caters to Fragment-Based Drug Discovery including Mnova Screen 1D, Screen 2DBinding and StereoFitter software tools. Both provide specific tools to streamline your research.

Mnova’s unique automation and workflow options streamline data processing, reducing human error and ensuring faster, more reliable results. Efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability combine to empower NMR experts to interpret data with ease.

Unleash the full potential of your NMR research with Mestrelab’s comprehensive software suite. Contact us to discuss your NMR needs with our experts or run a trial on our automation suite, Mnova Gears!