IVAN NMR Users Group

IVAN NMR Users Group



Watch the recorded session of our colleagues at the IVAN Research Round-table Workshop held on February 22, 2024!

Mestrelab participated in the IVAN NMR Research Round-table Workshop. Our panelists, Mark Dixon and Marcel Lachenmann from Mestrelab Research, delivered an interactive demonstration titled “Mnova for the Masses: Use Cases and Applications.”

It was a great opportunity to engage with the NMR community and share meaningful insights at this event!


Feb 22, 2024 at 12:00 PM ET




Dr Mark Dixon (Mestrelab Research)

Strategic Account Director (USA & Canada)


Marcel Lachenmann (Mestrelab Research)

Senior Applications Scientist

Mestrelab’s Expert Software Solutions for NMR Analysis

Mnova provides a comprehensive collection of software tools crafted for the needs of NMR experts, featuring key functionalities and features such as:

  1. Data processing and analysis: Mnova can read, process and analyze NMR data from a wide range of spectrometers and vendors. To help NMR experts extract the most meaningful information from their data, Mnova offers a variety of advanced processing and analysis tools including automatic peak picking, multiplet analysis, chemometrics, spectral stacking by class, and 2D processing.
  2. Structure elucidation: Mnova offers a comprehensive suite of tools for structure elucidation, including automatic and interactive tools for assigning peaks, generating and ranking structure proposals, and validating structures using a range of experimental data.
  3. Prediction and simulation: Mnova contains powerful tools for predicting and simulating NMR spectra for a wide range of molecules. These capabilities can help NMR experts to compare experimental and simulated spectra to gain a deeper understanding of the structure and properties of their molecules.
  4. Automation and workflow: Mnova offers unique automation capabilities that allow NMR experts to create custom workflows to streamline data processing and analysis. Automation reduces the chance of human error in routine, repetitive tasks, providing faster, more reliable results and reporting, while freeing NMR experts to focus on science!

Mnova’s comprehensive capabilities allow NMR experts to process, analyze, and interpret their data efficiently, effectively, and reliably.