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Allotrope Connect Web Meetings



“NMR Converter: Exciting next steps”

Our colleagues Dr. Mark Dixon and Dr. Guy Desmarquets co-presented a talk at the Allotrope Connect Workshop (Webinars) May 13th .

Dr. Mark Dixon &
Dr. Guy Desmarquets

Wednesday, May 13th

10.30 (EDT) / 16.30 (CEST)


Mestrelab is presenting to the Allotrope community the state of its development and commercialization of NMR converter. The first tool, an Mnova Gears brick, converts Bruker to Allotrope Data format and will allow our users to monitor any new acquired data, convert it into ADF so that it can be reviewed by the ADF Explorer browser. Future steps related to other starting formats, metadata consensus reconciliation and other additional information to be added in the ADF will also be discussed.


Dr. Mark Dixon

Senior Account Manager & BD (US & Canada)
Mestrelab Research

Dr. Mark Dixon got his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at Nottingham University. Mark cut his teeth in Pharmaceutical R&D as an NMR Spectroscopy specialist at Fisons, then Astra, which finally morphed into AstraZeneca. Then he worked for Varian in Palo Alto working with the Applications team followed by a move to Marketing in the role of Software Product Manager. After Varian’s demise he worked as Product Manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s picoSpin NMR spectrometer, before starting at Mestrelab Research in late 2016.


Dr. Guy Desmarquets
Senior Vice President – Global Sales & Strategic Partnership
Mestrelab Research

Dr. Guy Desmarquets received his Ph.D. in molecular biology from Lyon University. Started his career in developing software for protein molecular modeling and rapidly moved to business development. He was  for nearly two decades driving sales at ACD/Labs. Then joined Bruker to guide the strategy of Bruker magnetic resonance in software applications and informatics services. Guy is leading the third- parties’ relationships at Mestrelab supervising more specifically the strategic collaboration with Bruker as well as leading some informatics areas of the company such as automated knowledge generation from analytical instruments or data standardization.