SmartLab Europe Exchange

SmartLab Europe Exchange


Feb/21/2024 - Feb/22/2024

Network with Mestrelab and SciY colleagues at SmartLab Exchange!

Together with other SciY units, Mestrelab will be actively engaging at the upcoming the SmartLab Exchange Europe, happening on February 21st-22nd in Amsterdam. We invite you to join us and explore the unique capabilities of the Mnova suite, particularly its specialized features for data processing, extracting answers and knowledge, reporting, and, most importantly, automating workflows and throughputs.

Engage in discussions with our colleagues about how Mestrelab enhances the SciY offering. We’re pivotal in automating data analysis for the SciY data management solution (Zontal product line), providing NMR support to the SciY Process Analytical Technology (PAT) platform (synTQ), and integrating with the SciY Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) (Arxspan product line) to manage analysis requests and deliver documents and data back to the ELN.  REGISTER HERE


February 21-22, 2024


The Novotel Amsterdam City, The Netherlands

Mestrelab at SmawrtLab Europe Exchange

Mestrelab’s Expert Solutions for Analytical Chemistry and Lab Automation Software

Mestrelab Research is pioneering in offering cutting-edge software solutions for the analytical chemistry field, enhancing lab automation and data management with a focus on user efficiency and innovation. Our offerings are structured into key areas:

  • Comprehensive Software Suite: Tailored for small molecule and biomolecular research, our software supports various operating systems and offers both manual and fully automated analysis options. It includes a robust data storage system, accommodating a wide range of database systems within our proprietary environment or in standardized formats.
  • ELN Integration and Lab Analytics: Our Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) seamlessly integrates laboratory analytics (NMR, LCMS, GCMS, optical spectroscopy) into the workflow, eliminating the need for additional software. This integration ensures data quality, integrity, and simplifies the retrieval process through advanced search capabilities, including text, structure, substructure, and spectral feature searches.
  • Lab Automation and Data Management: We automate the processing, analysis, and reporting of laboratory analytical data, streamlining the workflow in the lab. Our solutions facilitate data standardization, readying it for storage in Data Lakes and other archival systems. With a focus on data visualization and reporting, we provide a unified application for comprehensive data analysis, enhancing decision-making processes.
  • Commitment to Innovation and Efficiency: At Mestrelab Research, our mission is to boost our customers’ productivity, allowing them to invest more time in innovation. Our intuitive graphical interfaces, software integration support, and compliance-enabling tools are designed not only for scientists but also for IT and compliance managers, ensuring a smooth and efficient laboratory data workflow.

Mestrelab Research is dedicated to transforming laboratory data workflows, propelling the analytical chemistry community towards a more integrated, automated, and innovative future.