Mixture Analysis in Mnova NMR | Webinar

Mixture Analysis in Mnova NMR |  Webinar



“What Can Mnova NMR Do With Mixtures?”

Dr. Mark Dixon (Mestrelab) will focus on how identification and/or quantification of components of a mixture in solution is a common problem that a chemist must solve on a frequent basis.


Dr. Mark Dixon (Mestrelab)


Wednesday, March 8


 11.30am (EST), 5.30pm (CET)



Analysis of mixtures by NMR is a broad term and can mean many things to different people.  In this webinar we will attempt to break down the various ways that meaningful results can be obtained from mixtures using Mnova NMR.


Mixture analysis comes in many guises. Some need to report a residual amount of a specific component for regulatory requirements; another may need to calculate relative amounts of two, or more, species and set a flag if the ratio is over or under a set threshold. And the list of different procedures and requirements goes on and on. Mnova NMR provides extremely powerful data analysis software that offers additional plugins tailored towards solving these issues. Join us for a discussion with multiple examples to see what Mestrelab can offer you in your laboratory today.

What to expect

Various approaches to analysis of mixtures will be discussed using NMR spectroscopy.  Solutions to common problems will be presented using Mnova software. Q&A will be available at the end of the presentation.

Key points

  • Mnova NMR covers many different mixture analysis applications using integrated software that make a chemist’s life simpler and more efficient when faced with identification and/or quantification of components in an NMR spectrum
  • Both targeted and untargeted analysis will be covered
  • The use of databases in various formats will be discussed

Who should attend?

Chemists, NMR analysts

About the speaker

Dr. Mark Dixon

Business Development & Application Support – Mestrelab

A fascination with the science of NMR began an ongoing adventure to California, firstly with Varian in Palo Alto working with the Applications team, followed by a move to Marketing in the role of Software Product Manager. After the sad demise of Varian, Mark discovered the unpredictable frontier of benchtop NMR spectroscopy as Product Manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s picoSpin NMR spectrometer, before starting at Mestrelab Research in late 2016.

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