qNMR Summit

qNMR Summit


Mar/29/2023 - Mar/31/2023

Proud to sponsor this qNMR event held near our HQ office!

We’re looking forward to finally having another qNMR Summit event in-person!

We’re proud to be “gold” sponsors for this event which will take place near our headquarters office in beautiful Santiago de Compostela!

Join us to find out more about Mestrelab’s latest developments in qNMR software solutions and our scientific presentation describing qNMR automation.

We hope to see you there!


March 29 – 31, 2023


NH Collection Santiago de Compostela (5*)
Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

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NMR for Chemist

Mnova qNMR is here to help. Our software streamlines the qNMR analysis process, allowing you to quickly and accurately determine the concentration of your sample.

We also understand the importance of sample purity and accurate concentration determination, which is why we’ve developed Gears Purity and Gears Concentration. Gears Purity provides advanced purity analysis, including peak purity and purity profiling, giving you a detailed understanding of your sample’s purity. Gears Concentration enables accurate concentration determination, even in complex mixtures.

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Success Stories

Case Studies

Automated qNMR data processing and analysis in the behind the scenes of fragment-based drug discovery

Bringing new drugs into the market is a long, complex process that often requires several years of investigation and considerable human, technological, and economic resources. In the labs of the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, a Fragment-Based Drug Discovery (FBDD) program has been established for screening and identifying lead compounds with potential therapeutic effects that may serve as starting points for the development of potent drug candidates… Read More