SICS – Swiss Industrial Chemistry Symposium

SICS - Swiss Industrial Chemistry Symposium




University of Basel
St. Johanns-Ring 19
4056 Switzerland

We are presenting two posters at the 2nd SICS Symposium

Mestrelab will attend this second one-day symposium on Industrial Chemistry in Switzerland!

SICS 2018 will offer a unique platform for industrial scientists, working in research and process research, to present their latest results, to interact with each other and to network with professors, PhD students and other scientific staff of Swiss universities. An extended poster session with presentations from industry (20%) and academy (80%) will stimulate the interaction.

Join us at the poster sessions to discuss our new 3D Structure Elucidator and our Enterprise Automation Rapid Solution


  19 October



  Basel, Switzerland

Poster session – Mestrelab’s contribution

We will be proud to present the following scientific posters:

12.45-13.30 (A17)

  • Mgears – Mnova General Enterprise Automation Rapid Solution presented by Santiago Dominguez, Mestrelab Research

13.30-14.15 (B36)

  • StereoFitter – New Multiparameter 3D Structure Elucidator  presented by Irakusne Lopez, Mestrelab Research

Where exactly will it be?

University of Basel, Department of Chemistry
St. Johanns-Ring 19
4056 Basel

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