SMASH 2023

SMASH 2023


Sep/17/2023 - Sep/20/2023

Mestrelab presented the following posters:

Poster #54

Optimized, qNMR Friendly Resolution Booster

Poster #55

Mquant An Expert System to Automate the Quantification of Substances in Complex Mixtures by NMR

Poster #105


Poster #101

The Best Of Both Worlds Tailored Analysis of Affinity Selection MS Data With A Generic Automation Engine

Poster #102

Redefining Automatic 1D 1H NMR Analysis: Progress in Scalar Couplings Constant Determination Via Deconvolution Techniques

Poster #103

Identifying Known Structures From 13C NMR Data

Calculation of NMR Scalar Coupling Constants in Strongly Coupled Spin Systems using Machine Learning and Chebyshev shape functionals

Mestrelab is excited to announce our attendance at the Small Molecule NMR Conference (SMASH) once again as Elite sponsors in Baveno, Italy from September 17-20, 2023! Come visit our Suite to learn more about our software solutions for NMR data analysis and management. Our user-friendly software is perfect for both academic and industry users, and our team will be on hand to provide expert advice and support.

Don’t miss out on our Mestrelab Users’ Meeting on Sunday afternoon and MestreBand gig on Monday evening!


Sept 17 -20, 2023


pre-SMASH Mestrelab Users’ Meeting

13:00 – 13:30  |  Welcome and what’s new at Mestrelab
Santi Dominguez
13:30 – 13:40  |  Introduction to Mestrelab’s Research Centre ‘CIM’ Niccy  Tonge
13:40 – 14:00  |  How to be independent from the liquid Helium cryogen crisis:

                             Experience with a 400 MHz HTS power-driven magnet & cryo-free NMR system

Maria Silva Elipe  
14:00 – 14:20  |  Introducing SciY Guy Desmarquets 
14:20 – 14:40  |  Break with coffee and chatting   
14:40 – 15:00  |  Using Mnova with a Data Lake
Gary Sharman
15:00 – 15:15  |  From Reaction to Automation
Niccy Tonge  
15:15 – 15:45  |  Meet the New Team Team

Mestrelab offers a range of software benefits for NMR experts:

Mnova offers a suite of software tools specifically designed for NMR experts. Some of the key features and capabilities of Mnova include:

  1. Data processing and analysis: Mnova can read, process and analyze NMR data from a wide range of spectrometers and vendors.To help NMR experts extract the most meaningful information from their data, Mnova offers a variety of advanced processing and analysis tools including automatic peak picking, multiplet analysis, chemometrics, spectral stacking by class, and 2D processing.
  2. Structure elucidation: Mnova offers a comprehensive suite of tools for structure elucidation, including automatic and interactive tools for assigning peaks, generating and ranking structure proposals, and validating structures using a range of experimental data.
  3. Prediction and simulation: Mnova contains powerful tools for predicting and simulating NMR spectra for a wide range of molecules. These capabilities can help NMR experts to compare experimental and simulated spectra to gain a deeper understanding of the structure and properties of their molecules.
  4. Automation and workflow: Mnova offers unique automation capabilities that allow NMR experts to create custom workflows to streamline data processing and analysis. Automation reduces the chance of human error in routine, repetitive tasks, providing faster, more reliable results and reporting, while freeing NMR experts to focus on science!

Mnova’s comprehensive capabilities allow NMR experts to process, analyze, and interpret their data efficiently, effectively, and reliably

Please contact us to discuss your NMR needs with one of our experts or to run a trial on our automation suite Mnova Gears!

Have you watched our new MestreBand yet? It’s an absolute must-see! What makes it even more special is that the entire band is made up of talented Mestrelab staff members, and their goal is to entertain you.

Don’t miss out on their outstanding performance this Monday evening at SMASH (Sept 18th).

Join us for a night of incredible music and support our very own musical stars! They can’t wait to entertain and rock the stage for you!