Register for this Series of Webinars on Validation in NMR Spectroscopy

Mestrelab is glad to sponsor and see that the ValidNMR group is bringing us a set of webinars on the subject of validation in NMR spectroscopy.

We would like to encourage you to register for the first webinar of the series happening on March 25th and all the others coming up every 2 months on the last Thursday in the month.

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March 25


Virtual Webinar Series


qNMR education (students, newbies, experts) keeping our community up-to-date concerning the topic of validation new regulations and guidelines sharing knowledge.


Webinar #1

Talk 1 –  Accurate and precise external standardization in qNMR

Speaker: Dr Yuzo Nishizaki, National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan

Talk 2 –  Practical implementation of 13C decoupling for 1H qNMR

Speaker: Dr Adilah Bahadoor, NRC Canada