Webinar – An Introduction to Mnova Gears (Part II)

Webinar - An Introduction to Mnova Gears (Part II)



“An Introduction to Mnova Gears: power features – putting you in complete control of your processes”

Our colleague Dr. Gary Sharman provided the second part of an introduction to the Mnova Gears automation platform, a simple yet powerful tool for automating your spectroscopic and chromatographic analyses and reporting.

This was the second in a planned series of Mnova Gears-related seminars. Later seminars in the series will go into various aspects of the platform in more detail, and share more in-depth use cases.

Dr. Gary Sharman

Wednesday, January 20th

11am (EST) / 5pm (CET)


Mnova Gears is a highly flexible and configurable environment for automation of many analytical tasks. For many processes, it is possible to achieve an end to end automation solution with nothing more than simple configuration steps. However, situations can arise in real world problems, particularly when they involve constraints or legacy systems, that can make things more difficult. Thankfully Mnova Gears provides a number of advanced configuration and customisation options via the scripting engine to deal with these more challenging situations.

What to expect

This webinar will build on the introduction to Mnova Gears by providing insight into, and examples of, these power features; features that will take your ability to automate to the next level.

Key points

  • Learn how to use the full power of Mnova Gears configuration to apply workflows with more challenging requirements
  • See examples of how scripting hooks in Mnova Gears can make your workflows even more powerful
  • Take your first steps towards becoming an Mnova Gears power user

Who should attend?

Researchers and analysts in pharma, biotech, fine chemicals or academia who have analytical chemistry processes (large or small scale) that they would like to automate. Scientists who are tired of spending time on routine analyses and want to free up resources for more challenging tasks.


Dr. Gary Sharman

Senior Scientific Director
Mestrelab Research

Gary joined Mestrelab in June 2020, following 20 years working in major pharma companies within the field of analytical chemistry. Gary specializes in NMR, LCMS and data management and has worked on many real world projects involving automation of sample analysis.

Extended bio about Dr. Gary Sharman.