Webinar Mbook ELN 3.0

Webinar Mbook ELN 3.0



“Digitalize your chemistry lab”

Dr. Jan Bartoň (Mestrelab) showed the latest features of Mbook ELN 3.0 we have recently released!

Jan followed the daily steps of the chemist from their first login to their final data report for their supervisor.

Jan Bartoň (Mestrelab)

Wednesday, July 28th

11am (EDT) / 5pm (CEST)


The webinar will cover the complete workflow required to create digital laboratory notes in Mbook 3.0. The outline is a high-level introduction, followed by a demonstration of typical daily workflow, and a Q&A session.

The new features of Mbook 3.0 will be covered together with the chemist’s daily workflow, as they are inseparable from the chemist’s work.

The demo will cover the steps from the chemist’s first login to writing experiments, repeating them, and saving analytical data (NMR, LC, UV). Storing data is essential, but this would be meaningless without the ability to perform searches, generate reports, and perform data retrieval. Thus, data searches, reporting, and exporting will be emphasized in the second part of the demonstration.

What to expect

This webinar covers the full training required to use Mbook 3.0, from the first time you log in, to recording experiments with data, to reporting and exporting your data. Mbook’s new features will be included directly within the demonstration to show how they can form part of your daily workflow.

Key points

  • See your lab work fully digitalized
  • Generate a report for an experiment, an entire project, and export all data
  • Manage compound locations and remaining amounts across multiple users

Who should attend?

  • Chemists working daily in the lab and their direct supervisors across the fields of pharma, CRO, academia, etc.
  • Academic researchers and group leaders performing (organic) synthesis
  • CROs and their contractors


Dr. Jan Bartoň

Business Development (EMEA) – Mestrelab

Jan joined Mestrelab in August 2020 following his academic work in a synthetic nanochemistry laboratory in which he used Mbook and Mnova for over 5 years. Jan specializes in ELN, LC, LC/GC-MS/UV data processing and databasing all kinds of laboratory data