2018 Webinar Series: Dr. Mike Bernstein

2018 Webinar Series: Dr. Mike Bernstein



“Mnova qNMR 2.0 – the tool for all skill levels”

Join our Mestrelab colleague Dr Mike Bernstein in our next webinar describing the new features in our plugin for quantitation NMR, Mnova qNMR on March 28th.

Recommended for those that want to learn or deepen their knowledge on qNMR, after our last webinar introducing the topic.

Registration for this webinar is now open.

Dr. Mike Bernstein

Wednesday, March 28

11am (EDT) / 5pm (CEST)


The use of NMR for quantitation – qNMR – is a fast-growing analytical method. Whilst it has been used for some time, uptake has grown considerably in recent times. Now, the method is underpinned by extensive uncertainty analyses, round robin testing, and an available primary reference standard.

qNMR implementation required some careful thought, and robust software for the analysis. Mnova supplies these to a very high degree. Mestrelab has been at the forefront of qNMR implementation for some time, as evidenced by participation in events, blog articles, and webinars.

In this webinar we will build on previous online activity to demonstrate how the qNMR capability in Mnova 12 can be used to best effect. We use core Mnova processing and analysis capability to its fullest, and complement it with a simple, effective tool for qNMR analysis. Please join us!


Dr. Mike Bernstein

Vice President of R&D at Mestrelab Research

Dr. Michael (“Mike”) Bernstein is responsible for R&D aspects of Mestrelab Research. Particular emphasis is on suitability for use by chemists, and developing capability around the use of NMR for quantitation. He earned his B. Sc. (Hons.) at the University of Cape Town, majoring in Chemistry. This was followed by graduate studies at the University of British Columbia, where a Ph. D. was awarded in the area of Physical Organic Chemistry. This early interest in NMR was backed up with over 30 years of pharmaceutical experience with NMR first at Merck Frosst (MSDRL) in Montreal, and then at Astra Zeneca in the UK. He joined Mestrelab in 2011.