Webinar on Mnova QC Profiling (batch mode)

Webinar on Mnova QC Profiling (batch mode)



“Semi-automated LC-MS interpretation of DNA conjugates in 96 or 384 well plates”

Roberto Martinez from Novartis (Basel) gave a short introduction to the QC Profiling plugin, for semi-automated LCMS interpretations of DNA conjugates.

Roberto Martinez (Novartis)

Wednesday, May 5th

11am (EDT) / 5pm (CEST)


In this webinar you will get some insights on how Mgears and the QC profiling plugin can facilitate the interpretation of up to thousands of LC-MS per week and the subsequent loading of the retrieved information into databases.

What to expect

Understand the advantages and limitations of the plugin and a short introduction to the mode of operation of the plugin.

Key points

  • Understand the scope and limitations of the plugin
  • Get an overview of the main tools
  • Insight into the functionality

Who should attend?

Researchers and analysts handling large amounts of LC-MS of macromolecules up to a size of 10,000 Da, to determine identity, purity and/or quantity of product in the sample. Scientists willing to free up some time to focus on the more challenging chromatograms.


Roberto Martinez                                                    Senior Scientist (Novartis)

Completed apprenticeship in chemistry at Novartis Basel in 2006. Followed by 8 year experience in organic chemistry with focus on parallel chemistry and preparative purifications via Prep LC-MS. Since 2016, working on DNA oligo conjugates, including analysis and purification of such via LC-MS.