[WEBINAR SERIES] MestReNova tools for DOSY processing

[WEBINAR SERIES] MestReNova tools for DOSY processing



Following our Webinar Series 2017, in this occasion we have Dr. Vadim Zorin explaining how to use MestReNova software for the analysis of multicomponent solutions by DOSY on May 24. This webinar will last approximately 40 minutes plus the usual Q/A session.



The DOSY (Difussion-Ordered SpectrocopY) is a popular NMR experiment to measure diffusion coefficients of individual compounds in chemical mixtures and multicomponent solutions. 2D DOSY spectrum with chemical shift in F2 dimension and diffusion coefficient in F1 dimension is a convenient graphical way to represent DOSY data. A special processing – “DOSY transformation” is used to generate such DOSY spectra. MestReNova provides two algorithms for DOSY transformation. The webinar will be focussed on principles and practical aspects of DOSY and related data processing, including data preparation and available options. The webinar should be interesting for practical chemists and NMR specialists who use, or intend to use MestReNova for analysis of multicomponent solutions by DOSY.


The speaker

Dr Vadim Zorin during his career held several NMR-related academic and industrial positions, most recently working as an NMR application scientist at Agilent Technologies and spectroscopy lab supervisor at ExxonMobil Chemical. Vadim’s professional interests include various aspects of NMR, NMR processing and software. Since joining Mestrelab in March 2016, Vadim is working on a number of NMR-related projects as a senior software developer.