XL Finnish NMR Symposium

XL Finnish NMR Symposium
  • Jun/13/2018 - Jun/15/2018
  • Korpilammentie 5
  • Hotel Korpilampi

Come and discuss your anaytical software solutions with us!

This XL Finnish NMR Symposium will be organized by the Finnish NMR Society, together with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, University of Helsinki, Aalto University and Orion Pharma in Helsinki in June 13-15, 2018.

Join Mestrelab’s oral presentation and our representative there if you wish to find out more about the latest developments on our analytical software solutions.



WHERE? Hotel Korpilampi, close to Helsinki

WHEN? June 13-15

You can pre-book a meeting with our local Mestrelab’s representative.

Mestrelab’s talk

‘Synthetic Chemist best Lab Mate’ 

Dr. Irakusne Lopez (Mestrelab Research)

A synthetic chemist performs reactions, plans them in advance, records their performance and the analysis carried out for the products, checks these results and distills them into conclusions. To help chemists overperform, Mestrelab has developed a number of tools designed as the chemist’s companion or lab mate. In our talk, we will demonstrate how Mestrelab’s software tools are the chemist’s best lab mate ever.

Where is this event?

Hotel Korpilampi

Korpilammentie 5

02970 Espoo


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