Young researchers symposium – SIJ (RSEQ)

Young researchers symposium - SIJ (RSEQ)




Edificio Juan Remón Camacho
Universidad de Extremadura, Campus Badajoz
06006 Spain

Mestrelab will be giving a talk at the young researchers symposium in Badajoz, Spain on Nov 8

This symposium will be the XIV Meeting for the young Spanish researchers in chemistry. The meeting will be held at the Salón de Grados del edificio Juan Remón Camacho in Badajoz, Spain – November 7-10.

Mestrelab will give a talk about some of the latest analytical software solutions with particular attention to our new product on automatic structure elucidation, Mestrelab’s ELN (Mbook) and publishing tools.

Mestrelab’s talk

‘New software chemistry tools for the new chemist’ – 08 Nov at 11.30am

Dr. Esther Vaz (Mestrelab Research)

The talk will be an overview on some of the latest analytical software tools for chemists:

  • Automatic Structure Elucidation from NMR data to structure in a simple workflow.
  • Publishing tools for authors, publishers and readers to facilitate the generation and access of supplementary information materials.
  • Dealing with your spectral data within Mestrelab’s ELN, Mbook, by interacting with Mnova software.

Please join her presentation on the 8th of November, Wednesday at 11.30am.


Have a look at the full program.

Where is this event?

Salón de actos de la Facultad de Ciencias – Edificio Juan Remón Camacho

Universidad de Extremadura – Campus Badajoz 06006

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