Whether you have purchased one of our products/plugins or whether you just want to evaluate them, you need a license. To get a license, you need to know your computer’s Host ID. Host ID is an unique identifier for a particular computer, and is used by Mestrelab to lock licenses to a particular machine.



First, you need to download Mnova in case you haven’t done it yet. Then simply copy it from this screen that will pop up when you open Mnova (Use the ‘Copy HOST ID to clipboard‘ button).

Or go to Menu ‘File –> Help–> License Manager’ select and copy it. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Copy HOST ID to clipboard‘ button.




Alternatively, click on this button:



The short answer is ‘no’. Our standard nominated licenses are based on one license per registered (named) end-user. The registered end-user can install Mnova on a personal machine just as long as he/she is the only user of the software (limited to 3 machines per named end-user). The software must not be installed on a workstation machine.

Therefore if you have a standard license and you fulfil the above requirements, you do not need to purchase an additional license. Note that, although you can install the software on an additional personal machine, the license file for your first computer will not activate any other machine, as the Host ID will be different. Just contact us to let us know your particular situation and to request your additional license file.

There is no problem as Mnova is a multiplatform software which works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Mnova is available for Windows, Mac OS and a number of Linux distributions, and multiple user licenses across multiple platforms are perfectly possible.

Even a single user license with 2 installations (e.g., desktop computer and laptop computer) on 2 different platforms is possible. Our efforts to develop a multiplatform software are precisely focused on the idea to allow research groups with multiple operating systems to share a common application and file format.

The price of the licensing is the same for all OS, and the licensing system is also multiplatform, therefore there is no reason why users could not have a multiple user license and deploy across several platforms. Just download the distribution you want to have and follow the licensing process.